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ProHeat Multi-level Heated Vest

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Color: Black

Size: 4XL


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Cordless Convenience

Stay mobile and warm with our cordless heated jacket. Powered by rechargeable batteries, it offers freedom of movement without compromising on warmth.

Waterproof and Weather-Ready

Our heated jacket is designed to keep you dry and warm in any weather conditions. Its waterproof exterior shields you from rain and snow, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry during outdoor activities or daily commutes

Machine Washable for Easy Care

We understand the importance of easy maintenance. Our heated jacket is machine washable, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh without the hassle of specialized cleaning. Just toss it in the machine, and it's ready for your next adventure.


No need to worry about running out of power. Our heated jacket comes with a charger, ensuring that you always have the warmth you desire at your fingertips. Stay charged and warm throughout the day, wherever your journey takes you.

Style and Functionality

Elevate your cold-weather wardrobe with our stylish heated jacket. Fashion meets functionality, keeping you comfortable and on-trend in any setting.





  • - Customizable Comfort: Tailor warmth to your liking.

  • - Versatile Year-Round: Suitable for various cold-weather activities.

  • - Extended Outdoor Enjoyment: Stay outside longer in comfort.

  • - Portable and Cordless: Powered by rechargeable batteries.

  • - Fashionable and Functional: Style meets warmth in one garment.

  • - Daily Cold-Weather Comfort: Perfect for everyday wear.

  • - Health Relief: Helps alleviate cold-related ailments.


💠Shipping Protection

  • It's a service that provied by ProHeat. It covers shipment delayed, package damaged, and item lost. Up to full compensation is avaliable.



💠How do I switch between the heat levels?

Simply press the power button on the jacket's control panel to cycle through the three heat settings. Each press adjusts the level of warmth.

💠How long does the battery last on each heat level?

Battery life varies based on the heat level. On the highest setting, you can expect approximately X hours, on the medium setting, around Y hours, and on the lowest setting, it lasts for approximately Z hours.

💠Is the jacket machine washable?

Yes, our heated jacket is designed to be machine washable. Just make sure to remove the battery and follow the care instructions provided in the user manual.

💠Can I wear this jacket in the rain? Is it waterproof?

While the jacket is water-resistant and can handle light rain, it is not completely waterproof. We recommend wearing a raincoat in heavy downpours to protect the jacket's electronic components.

💠Is the jacket bulky with the heating elements and battery?

Not at all. The heating elements and the lightweight battery are strategically placed to provide warmth without adding bulk. You'll find it comfortably fits like a regular jacket, providing both warmth and a sleek design.


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